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Chapter 1: The birth of Wondermons!

Fri, 10/29/2010 - 9:01PM by Frederico 0 Comments -

Character list:

 Tyrone: Main character

 Bernice: Tyrone's mother

Crystal: Bernice's wit robot

 Tylena: Tyrone's wife



Animated Wonderland Online Characters!

Sun, 09/19/2010 - 9:08PM by Frederico 0 Comments -

For the creation for such animation, I would like to give credits to some players who indirectly helped me in this creation. They credits goes to the URL as follows:

Thank you once again.

Hope you enjoy it ^^


Frederico's power:

Dancing Frederico:

Frderico in Elin's Labortary in Oslya:


Roca fighting clone:


My doala:





For more animation please visit:  http://forum.wl.igg.com/viewthread.php?tid=63026&page=1&extra=page%3D1


Wonderland Online Event: Who can get 200?! [Maintenance event Aug 10th]

Tue, 08/10/2010 - 3:36PM by Frederico 0 Comments -


New Map: Domremy

Tue, 07/13/2010 - 7:30PM by Frederico 0 Comments -

Domremy is located near Rome. You need a vehicle to access it. Follow this guide and you will enjoy your voyage there.

To visit Domremy, you have to pass through Avignon Jungle.

Enter the top right of the map.


Enter the middle portal.

Welcome to Domremy!!!



Places of interest and cool sights!





Props Shopkeeper:





New Map: Cornwall

Tue, 07/13/2010 - 6:49PM by Frederico 0 Comments -

Cornwal, also known as stonewall, is located near Rome. You will need a vehicle to access it. Follow this route and you will reach the destination in no time.

First, you have to pass through Avignon Jungle.


Enter the portal on the top left of the map.


Enter the portal on the top left of the map and you will be transported to the voyage map.


Walk straight all the way to the middle portal. Welcome to Cornwall!



Places of interest in Cornwall and interesting sights!





Props shopkeeper




Capital Hall






New Quest: Athens - Colourful Glaze (Detailed)

Tue, 07/13/2010 - 5:51PM by Frederico 0 Comments -

Location: Athens Inn 2nd floor

Target: Merchant of Venice (NPC)

Reward: 2 Holy EXP Potion

Speak to the merchant to activate the quest.

Now look into your misson logbook. It should be recorded already.


Now exit the Inn. Once you exit, you will spot two little boy. Approach them.

Return back to the merchant and he will hand to you the Glass Drops.

Go back to the two little boys to exchange the glass drops for the merchant's wallet.

Head back to the Merchant to receive your reward!!!



New Instance: Fiery Challenge

Tue, 07/13/2010 - 5:09PM by Frederico 0 Comments -


New Version - Clash of Champions will be released

Thu, 07/08/2010 - 7:34PM by Frederico 0 Comments -

Colossal news!!! The covetted new version 6.0 - Clash of Champions is going to be released on July 13th!!! In conjunction to the commencement of the new version, a new server will be released- Aquarius!


New Maps:

Britian - Cornwall



France - Domremy




New Characters:



Karin Liebtrud



Kurogane Juzo



Human Pet Rebirth System

In the new version - Clash of Champions, there are lots of great changes in store! One of the most amazing is the new Human Pet Rebirth System!!!

In the new version, only some Human Pets are eligible for rebirth. Those that are eligible meet 2 requirements: First, the Human Pet must be at least Level 100 and they must be involved in the death quest. So the Human Pets eligible in this version are Roca, Xaolan, Niss, Clive, Shasha, Qlaya and Magellan!

When these Human Pets reach Level 100+, players can help them complete the death quest for rebirth. After finishing the quest, players must go to visit Abba in the Holy Village Church. He will then revive dead Human Pets. However, Abba requires players to hand over some stars to bring the pets back from the dead.

When the human pets have rejoined the team, their bodies have simply been reanimated, but their souls are still stuck in the afterlife. The next step in the process is to find the Energy Caster to help summon the pets' soul back into their body! When the soul has been returned to their body, the pet's power will be increased! The Energy Caster has hidden himself in a cave behind the Hanging Gardens, where adventurous players will also discover a splendid altar! Be careful though, the power the Energy Caster wields is real and the path to find him is filled with danger!


  Special Skill after Rebirth: Force Spall </p> <p>(Strikes target with a mighty earth blast)
  Special Skill after Rebirth: Frozen Ball </p> <p>(Strikes target with icy ball)
  Special Skill after Rebirth: Hurricane Hit </p> <p>(Hit enemy with strong winds)
  Special Skill after Rebirth: Flaming Rock </p> <p>(Terrible earth strike on enemy)
  Special Skill after Rebirth: Air Ball </p> <p>(Hit enemy with a sphere of air)
  Special Skill after Rebirth: X Blast </p> <p>(Blast the target)
  Special Skill after Rebirth: Lightening Ice </p> <p>(Strike enemy with powerful ice)




New Quests:

Britian - Cornwall

1 . British duck ?
Trigger Location: Cornwall
Trigger Object : Small duck
Trigger conditions: None
Task reward : forgotten scroll * 1
Process Description : Continuous Click duck , duck speak , to scare it says to eat it , it will give you scroll the conditions as life insurance


2 . villagers panic
Trigger Location: Cornwall
Trigger Object : villagers
Trigger conditions: None
Task reward : 10,000 experience, Sir Medal

Process Description :: A tiger Cornwall villagers caused panic , as Round Table Knights out of town to help them destroy the tiger .

3 . unique snack
Trigger Location: Cornwall Hotel
Trigger Object : Sailor
Trigger conditions: None
Task reward : Seafood Takoyaki * 20
Process Description: Sailor collecting ingredients to help burn octopus .
4 . guardian of treasure
Trigger Location: Cornwall Hotel
Trigger Object : Stephen
Trigger conditions: None
Task reward : 3% Experience pills * 1 * 1 small ring
Process Description: In the hotel for Stephen rescue, came to his house, chanting see Stephen Kidd stole the key to helping solve the crisis Stephen .
5 . Merlin test
Trigger Location: Cornwall King Hall
Trigger Object : Merlin
Trigger conditions: None
Task reward : the stars * 1
Process Description: Merlin of England to answer the question of history .
6 . farmer 's troubles
Trigger Location: Cornwall warehouse
Trigger Object : farmer
Trigger conditions: None
Task reward : healing holy water
Process Description: Jesse because the farmer did not give her beloved wedding anniversary strawberry cake and angry , try to help them solve problems they attributed to good from .
7 . love to hate
Trigger Location: Cornwall Hotel
Trigger Object : villagers
Trigger conditions: None
Task reward : 1.5 times the experience of holy water * 1 , cured syrup * 1
Process Description: red nose bear? I clearly asked Sri Lanka to find it!
8 . run away little Niuniu
Trigger Location: Cornwall
Trigger Object : Bruce
Trigger conditions: None
Task reward : Experience pills * 1 1%
Process Description: Dialogue with Bruce that it was just a small Niuniu pet , but in the end what pet? Come to help him recover .
9 . destroy the pirate ship
Trigger Location: Cornwall
Trigger Object : Song Niya
Trigger conditions: too dangerous for the turtle island solution
Task reward : 1% experience Capsule * 1
Process Description: This pirate ship has sunk lower , I think Grandpa can relax !
10 . slimming secret
Trigger Location: Cornwall houses ( large map navigation UK)
Trigger Object : Katie
Trigger conditions: None
Task reward : dark chocolate * 1
Process Description: diet pills to help Katie to collect material , solution than taking medication for Katie turned into a snake , went to tell the secret of David, Katie , to eliminate their misunderstanding , let the mare go.
11 . Dragon
Trigger Location: Cornwall land Stonehenge
Trigger Object : sacrifice or village
Trigger conditions: complete mission " the villagers panic "and" Merlin 's Test " , who with Sir Medal
Task reward : 5% of the experience of capsule * 1
Process Description: To protect the little boy , to prove the existence of the dragon it .


France - Domremy

1 . France Heart of Ocean Debris
Trigger Location: Domremy
Trigger object: floating barrel
Trigger conditions: None
Task Award : Heart of Ocean debris * 1
Process Description: come to Domremy , take flight class of vehicle , you can see the barrels in the river , click.
2 . Lilith small cat
Trigger Location: Domremy
Trigger Object : Lilith
Trigger conditions: in Cornwall and little duck 10
Task reward : green Clover * 1
Process Description: a small cat that Lilith lost , promised to help her to find, to find the village after three consecutive , with a small cat back to the master side.
3 . French Literature
Trigger Location: Domremy
Trigger Object : Bard
Trigger conditions: None
Task reward : Glass Bag * 1
Process Description: reply bards issue of French literature , received awards.
4 . missing Chris
Trigger Location: Domremy
Trigger Object : Matthew
Trigger conditions: None
Task reward : Experience +2500 ( a )

Process Description: Chris, how gone ? !

5 . Matthew trouble
Trigger Location: Domremy
Trigger Object : Matthew
Trigger conditions: missing Kris , love to hate
Task reward : 3% experience Capsule

Process Description: the fog of the forest to find the Witch Badi United

6 . luck book
Trigger Location: Domremy
Trigger Object : Qiu Lin
Trigger conditions: None
Task reward : recovery Potion * 4
Process Description : So all this is Yadi Lu out of a ghost .
7. drunk Charlotte
Trigger Location: Domremy hostels
Trigger Object : Click the glass to trigger
Task reward : Charlotte friendliness +5
Process Description: Charlotte mistake of wine as the juice , the results ... Charlotte looked really cute drunk !
8 . imprisoned knight
Trigger Location: Domremy
Trigger Object : Love the villagers to drink
Trigger conditions: Solution Tour in France
Task reward : Exp15000
Process Description: that Lancelot was trapped behind the cellar to go to church to save him



For more information, please visit: http://wl.igg.com/act/champions/index.php?


Merry Christmas!

Thu, 12/24/2009 - 10:26PM by Frederico 0 Comments -

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!<op></op>

The world of Wonderland is as lively as can be when Christmas arrives. Everyone is busy helping Santa Claus look for his lost bells, namely the Gold Bell, Silver Bell and the Blue Bell.<op></op>

As for me, I had planted a Christmas tree in my tent and shall share with you the goodness of Christmas. May the miracle of Christmas fill your heart with warmth and love. Merry Christmas everyone!<op></op>



Merry Christmas!


I am married!!!

Thu, 12/03/2009 - 10:30PM by Frederico 0 Comments -

Requirements for Getting Married
A.A male and a female character, both at least Level 30. (Male&Male and Female&Female characters cannot apply to get married at present.)
B.Both must pay 60,000 Gold.
C.Both need a wedding ring.

<span style="font-size: small;">

1.Both the applicants must be at least Level 30.
2.60,000 Gold will be deducted from each account after the couple applies to get married.
3.The 2 applicants should be in a team together. No other players can be in the team.
4.Both applicants must have the required rings.
5.The target that players want to get married in wedding chapel should be the same one in application.

Divorce Notices
1.The couple don't need to team up, but the first applicant should prepare at least 200,000 Gold.
2.Both players must be online at the same time. When one hands in the divorce application, the other one will get a confirmation.
3. If the applicant wants to divorce without informing their significant other, then that player must have been offline for at least 30 consecutive days.

After Divorce
1.In the Marriage interface in Group mode, the couple's information will be cancelled.
2.The Sweet Door and the married items will be withdrawn.
3.If one member of the couple was not online when the applicant filed for divorce, the corresponding information will be deleted when they log in the next time.
4.Players who haven't joined in the divorce, will receive a system notice  automatically.


Photographs taken during my grand wedding ceremony:


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